The Power of Social Media

camrescuedWeekends and holidays are often the most difficult time to place an animal in need into foster care-let alone find a rescue or permanent home. However, miracles DO happen and Cam is one of them. We were contacted over Memorial Day Weekend by a Williamson County resident who was moving 3 days later and needed to rehome her 9 year old-4 pawed declawed cat! All we could do was go to Facebook and ask our fans to share Cam’s story. In less than 24 hours and many shares, a wonderful rescue from Wisconsin stepped up to the plate after an animal advocacy group, Pennies4Paws, agreed to foster and drive 12 HOURS to Franklin, TN to get Cam! We are happy to report that this morning (6/1) a No Kill foster got sweet Cam to her transport! It took many wonderful people to keep Cam from entering our animal control facility! We are grateful for each and every one of them! Every Life Matters! Have a wonderful life Cam!

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