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Volunteer ApplicationNKWC TN organization could not exist without volunteers. As a private, nonprofit organization, we rely on the assistance of caring and hard-working volunteers in all of our programs.

Volunteers are required to:

  • submit an online application
  • sign a Volunteer Agreement and a Release and Waiver of Liability form
  • be supervised by a parent or guardian if age is under 14
  • treat animals in our care with kindness and concern for their welfare
  • represent themselves and No Kill Williamson County TN in a professional manner

How You Can Help!

Volunteer opportunities are constantly changing as we grow and develop new programs. Below is a listing of current opportunities, but you will get more details and learn about the latest needs and options through email communications and Facebook updates.


Work from home to return phone calls and e-mails from the public about animals that No Kill Williamson County TN has up for adoption as well as Williamson County Animal Control. You will also serve as a resource for those who need assistance on what to do with a found/stray animal.

Animal Marketing

Help get animals adopted by marketing them! This team photographs Williamson County Animal Control animals for No Kill Williamson County TN’s website, gathers information about the dogs and cats, writes bios and submits them to the admins on NKWC’s Facebook pages.


Our organization is completely dependent on donations.  This committee assists in finding individual and business sponsors, researching and writing grants, and overseeing donor recognition.


Promote NKWC’s mission and recruit volunteers, fosters, adopters, and donors at special events throughout Williamson County.


Provide temporary care for cats or dogs in your home until they can be adopted.  You must be the owner/renter of the home and fill out a foster/volunteer form at Williamson County Animal Control. Please contact them at 615-790-5590 to find out how you can become a foster.

S.A.F.E. Team

As part of our Saving Animals From Euthanasia team you will provide training tips, home visits, networking advice, etc. to those who are contemplating surrendering their pet to Williamson County Animal Control . With the end goal being the animal remaining with the current owner or rehoming the animal without it entering the shelter system.


Take and post digital photos of adoptable animals for marketing materials.

Marketing/PR/Graphic Design

Help educate the public about NKWC and our mission via media relations, social media, and marketing campaigns.   Create a variety of promotional materials including brochures, ads, posters and flyers.

Contact Your Elected Officials

Williamson County, TN will become a No Kill Community, but we need YOUR voice to make it a reality. Please consider writing your elected officials (County Mayor and County Commissioners) and let them know that the No Kill model is the only proven model in sheltering animals that yields at least a 90% live outcome. The 11 elements, when implemented completely and rigorously, not only saves lives but also taxpayer dollars. Please visit for your free No Kill took-kit so that you can be an effective and informed adovocate!

Contact Info:

Mayor Rogers Anderson:
Ph: (615) 790-5700
Williamson County Mayor
1320 W. Main St. Suite 125, Franklin, TN 37064

County Commissioners:
1320 West Main Street
Franklin, TN 37064
Phone:(615) 790-5712
Fax:(615) 790-5610

Name Title Email Phone
Jones, Dwight District 1 394-0567 (c)
Jones , Ricky D. District 1 (615) 308-8381
Hester Elizabeth C. “Betsy” District 2 (615) 790-3089
Hancock , John District 2 (615) 794-4058
Herbert, Judy District 3 (615) 368-7720
Hayes, Judy District 3 (615)-794-5380
Danner, Kathy District 4 (615) 815-5856
Wilson, Cheryl District 4 (615) 771-9343
Green Jr., Lewis W. District 5 (615) 776-2816
Little, Thomas W. “Tommy” District 5 (615) 395-4335
Cooke, Arlene District 6 (615) 377-1347
Ford, Jeff District 6 (615) 517-2776
Chalfant, Bert District 7 (615) 373-4119
Bain, Tom District 7 (615) 373-1812
Davis, Greg District 8 (615) 337-4343
Walton, Jack District 8 (615) 373-3346
Brockman, Mary District 9 (615) 794-5177
Kaestner, Todd District 9 (615)-594-1862
Barnwell, Bob District 10 (615) 591-7823
Hawkins, Travis District 10 (615) 482-2272
Beathard, Brian District 11 (615) 656-4661
Ryan, Brandon District 11 (615) 415-7098
Smith, Steve District 12 (615) 794-9515
Langston, Doug District 12 (615) 790-0729
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