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The Power of Social Media

camrescuedWeekends and holidays are often the most difficult time to place an animal in need into foster care-let alone find a rescue or permanent home. However, miracles DO happen and Cam is one of them. We were contacted over Memorial Day Weekend by a Williamson County resident who was moving 3 days later and needed to rehome her 9 year old-4 pawed declawed cat! All we could do was go to Facebook and ask our fans to share Cam’s story. In less than 24 hours and many shares, a wonderful rescue from Wisconsin stepped up to the plate after an animal advocacy group, Pennies4Paws, agreed to foster and drive 12 HOURS to Franklin, TN to get Cam! We are happy to report that this morning (6/1) a No Kill foster got sweet Cam to her transport! It took many wonderful people to keep Cam from entering our animal control facility! We are grateful for each and every one of them! Every Life Matters! Have a wonderful life Cam!

S.A.F.E. (Saving Animals From Euthanasia)


Alice and Roxy are two bonded sisters available for adoption. Their owner recently passed away from cancer.

Our S.A.F.E. Program is taking off! Keeping Williamson County pets out of the shelter is job #1. ALL clients in our program are amazing! They ALL come from loving homes-owners who have fallen on very difficult times-divorce/serious illness/death, etc. One stipulation of the S.A.F.E. Program is that the owner (or guardian) fosters until placement. Our belief that most owners want to do the right thing has been confirmed! We are happy to be their helping hand.

A Star is Born

puppybowlWhat do you get when you cross two feral dogs that are not altered? 10 puppies born underneath a woodpile! We were greeted with that amazing site last June at the farm. Had it not been for a foster to step up and take the mama and 10 pups, we would not be able to share this amazingly happy ending with you. One of the puppies that went to our rescue partner in Vermont was one of the STARS of Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl 2014! On Super Bowl Sunday “Mandy” stole the show and made 3 touchdowns!. No Kill Board members flew to Vermont to share in the celebration. Mandy and her other siblings have all been placed in loving homes. Mandy has not let celebrity go to her head. She will always be a ‘dixie’ girl at heart.

“No Kill” Is Love

No Kill Williamson County is excited to share that since June of 2013, over 50 dogs were placed into rescue or loving homes without ever having to enter our county animal control facility. A Brentwood farm became a dumping and breeding ground for many dogs and cats-and now- only 3 dogs remain! The only cats that are currently residing at the farm are semi-feral and feral cats that were deemed “unadoptable”!

Just a sampling of some of the beautiful animals that we were able to keep out of the shelter system! Teamwork!

Just a sampling of some of the beautiful animals that we were able to keep out of the shelter system! Teamwork!

Due to limited resources, the gentlemen on the farm reached out for help. When our team of volunteers arrived at the property a plan of action was formulated. The tame cats and kittens were vetted and went into foster homes and all have found their permanent, forever families. The remaining outdoor cats were spayed/neutered and returned to the farm to live out the rest of their lives and NKWC volunteers care for them on a daily basis. The majority of the dogs, many who were semi feral, went to a rescue in Vermont. We are happy to report all are adopted or have adoptions pending. We are very fortunate to live in such a caring and compassionate community. And hats off to our friends in the north, Furever Dachshund Rescue, who recognized diamonds in the rough!

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