Welcome to No-Kill Williamson County

Who We Are

No Kill Williamson County TN is 501 (c)(3) all volunteer group of concerned citizens dedicated to providing a life saving guarantee to EVERY animal that is not a threat to society and has a treatable condition. We believe in partnering with community leaders, animal advocates and the citizens of Williamson County to assure safe and dignified care for all animals within our community’s shelters.

Our Mission

No Kill Williamson County is dedicated to promoting the No Kill philosophy to the citizens of Williamson County, TN and reducing the number of animals killed within our community’s shelters through Education, Advocacy and Service.

(Note: We are not the animal control facility. We do not have a physical location nor are we a shelter-we’re currently at a local farm where we care for an outdoor cat colony)

Featured Pet For Adoption

 Ginger jasmine








Jasmine and Ginger are desperately searching for new families! Both owners have health issues and need to rehome these beautiful cats. If you are interested in adopting, please email nkwctn@gmail.com.

>Featured Pets


No excuses not to spay or neuter! Pet Community Center in Nashville provides low cost spay/neuter services (and vaccinations!) regardless of income. To find out more about this wonderful non-profit, you can visit their website at petcommunitycenter.org.









It’s that time of year again-when fools leave their animals in hot cars! How hot is too hot? Please spread the word that it takes only a few minutes for a car to get hot enough to kill pets that are locked inside!

*Friendly reminder-it’s LEGAL to break a window of a car that has a pet or child trapped inside on hot days!

hot car guide


Do you have extra love to give? We’re always in need of new volunteers. If you’re interested in donating your time to animals in need,  please visit our “get involved” section on our home page to submit an application.  banner

purina one

Our pups prefer Purina One. Want to donate “ONE” bag? Please email us at nkwctn@gmail.com and we’ll schedule a pick up time! Thank you!


Our cats LOVE wet food! Fancy Feast is one of many preferred brands. If you would like to donate wet cat food, please email us at nkwctn@gmail.com. Thank you!


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