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Who We Are

No Kill Williamson County TN is 501 (c)(3) all volunteer group of concerned citizens dedicated to providing a life saving guarantee to EVERY animal that is not a threat to society and has a treatable condition. We believe in partnering with community leaders, animal advocates and the citizens of Williamson County to assure safe and dignified care for all animals within our community’s shelters.

Our Mission

No Kill Williamson County is dedicated to promoting the No Kill philosophy to the citizens of Williamson County, TN and reducing the number of animals killed within our community’s shelters through Education, Advocacy and Service.

(Note: We are not the animal control facility. We do not have a physical location nor are we a shelter-we’re currently at a local farm where we care for an outdoor cat colony)

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COURTESY POST: Acey Needs A Home!

Acey was so named because as a kitten, he had an ace of spades shape on his chest, which now looks more like a tornado!  He is a beautiful long-haired tuxedo cat and pictures don’t do him justice.  He’s large, ranging from 15 to 18 pounds over the years.  He is shy for a couple minutes around new people but quickly warms up and always charms them.  He loves to go outdoors but he is 4 paw declawed so he cannot be out unsupervised or in an un-fenced area.  He loves attention so he’s a great snuggler, loves to lie on your lap as you watch TV or read. He’s very vocal, making it easy to know if he needs something and it’s quite comical…it seems like he thinks he’s a dog sometimes and occasionally even fetches toys!  If you like to play golf, he enjoys being the putting target, batting at the balls as they come within range–a fun game to play together! He likes to be the center of attention, in on everything, and the only pet.  He loves to follow you from room to room unless it’s prime napping time. He will do best as an only pet for someone with a lot of love to give, preferably without young children.  Though he is 9 years old, he has no known health problems, is neutered and always had annual vet checks/shots.
Interested in adopting Acey? Please contact 615.975.2460 or email
Courtesy Post: Patches Needs A Home!
mama cat

Patches and her litter of six kittens were found underneath a  deck at an apartment complex in Franklin, TN. The Good Samaritan who took the little family in and cared for them has placed ALL 6 kittens and now Patches is ready for her forever home! She is a sweet girl and appears to be quite young. She has a long body, very long legs, and an unusually long tail. When she gains some weight, she will be a big cat. She is mostly white but has large black patches. She gets along with  other cats and as well as with their German Shepard. If you would like to meet Patches, please contact Gail at 615.579.9947. Thank you!


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beauchamps animal hospital

Thank you to Beauchamp Animal Hospital for being so wonderful to our No Kill animals! In addition to the kind and caring bedside manner, Beauchamps is always willing to accommodate our needs! If you are looking for exceptional service and care for your four-legged companion-give the folks at Beauchamps a call!

  • Beauchamp Animal Hospital
    1110 Battlewood Street
    Franklin, TN 37069
  • Phone: 615-794-5685
    (during & after hours)
    Fax: 615-791-0207
  • Hours
    Monday: 7:30am – 6:00pm
    Tuesday: 7:30am – 6:00pm
    Wednesday: 7:30am – 6:00pm
    Thursday: 7:30am – 6:00pm
    Friday: 7:30am – 6:00pm
    Saturday: 7:30am – 12:00pm

Do you have love to give? Are you ready to change the lives of dogs and cats and help them find their forever homes? We are always in need of new volunteers. If you’re interested please visit our “get involved” section on our home page to submit an application. 


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